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About us

About The Plates

About Education on a Plate - Kids having funEducation on a Plate® offers colourful meal plates for kids aged 2 to 10 years that are practical, fun and informative. They'€™re designed to encourage interactive learning in a relaxed and familiar environment during mealtimes, and feature everything from the alphabet and shapes for younger kids to telling the time and times tables for older children. Education on a Plate® products are proving very popular with kids, carers, parents and grandparents due to their ability to consistently engage children of all ages during mealtimes. Kids love the funky colours and designs of each plate and benefit from using these plates daily. Education on a Plate® products, are made of 100% melamine and meet all strict international regulations regarding BPA, PVC and Lead. They are BPA Free and dishwasher and freezer safe. These plates are the perfect gift of knowledge.

The Story Behind The Plates

Education on a Plate® was inspired by my own story. My name is Natalie. I am a proud mother of three very active young boys. I am also a practising Physiotherapist and Acupuncturist. My passion for learning began later in my school life. I was a slow learner to begin with and remember struggling academically in my early school years. So many subjects seemed to come and go before I really had a handle on them and I remember wondering "€œwhen was I ever taught that?" Fortunately with time and a lot of study, I managed to do very well at school and went on to complete two further degrees at university. I have subsequently lectured and taught extensively in my fields of knowledge and have a real passion for teaching and educating others. Growing up, I often wished that education was just provided to me on a "€œsilver platter"€ - so to speak. I always longed for things to be presented to me in a clear and precise way so that concepts were easier to learn and understand. About Education on a Plate - NatalieAs a mum, I am more determined than ever to make my kids' learning journey fun, enjoyable and interactive. These plates are full of useful facts and can become a useful resource whenever needed. I am committed to providing good quality, practical education in a fun engaging manner and my hope is that your kids enjoy receiving these gifts as much as you enjoy giving them. Education is a gift in itself and what better gift can you give a loved one, than the gift of knowledge. Best of luck choosing your favourite plates! Natalie