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Blog posts of '2016' 'July'

24 5 Tips to Get Kids to Eat

Getting children to sit and finish their meals can be a stressful daily challenge. Experts often suggest incorporating ‘fun’ into mealtimes, but figuring out how to achieve this can be daunting – especially when you’re busy planning and preparing healthy meals.

0 Three Big Benefits To Family Meals

Whether it’s breakfast, dinner or even lunchtime, sharing meals can be a fun and rewarding experience for the whole family. “Family meals provide an opportunity for family members to come together and strengthen ties,” Education on a Plate creator Natalie Simon says.

0 How Colour Makes Eating A More Positive Experience

There’s a lot of talk about how adding colour to meals can lead to a healthier relationship with food, but it doesn’t have to stop with what’s put on the plate. Research has shown that adding colour in other ways can also help develop a more positive relationship with foods and the entire dining experience.

0 Three Ways To Make The Concept Of “Healthy Eating” Fun

The earlier healthy eating begins, the easier it is to sustain throughout our lives. Most parents however, have experienced the sour looks and tantrums that can come from kids who don’t want to eat everything on their plates – let alone learn about it.

19 What Is Imaginative Play and Why Is It Important?

Imagination plays a huge role in our lives, from when we’re children right through to adulthood. While kids engage their imagination in a range of ways, once we grow up it is easier to take it for granted or overlook it entirely.

0 Kids Geography: Why It’s More Than Locations And Names

The rise of global communications and travel is making geography a more important area of learning than ever before. But research shows there is a serious lack of understanding about geography among children, parents and even teachers.

0 How to Get Funding for Early Childhood Education Resources

kids plates instaFor child care professionals, deciding what resources to purchase with limited funding can be a difficult process -- it’s tricky to balance fun and interactive experiences with genuine learning. Striking this balance right means real learning outcomes for children using the very same tools that keep them happy and entertained! This got a little easier in 2014 however, when the Federal Government made some key funding changes to early childhood education and care in Australia. The Long Day Care P...

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