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Fantastic Early Learning tool

Dear Natalie,

I wanted to thank you for introducing me to your educational plates for children.  My clients have really loved the designs which are bright, colourful and informative. Mealtimes provide us with the perfect opportunity to talk about nutrition and these plates also support discussions covering a range of developmental areas.  Pre-school readiness is such an important part of the children's learning and to find an additional tool to help us with this area is fantastic!  This is truly a clever idea, well done and thank you.

Kind regards,

Samantha Lewis, Company Director

Bambinis Child Care Centres

Great shape, engaging colors and dishwasher safe.

My daughter (4) was a notoriously fussy eater, choosing to only eat carbs – enter the Education Plate!! When we first received the plate, she was fascinated with the colors and with counting, but then something interesting happened. She asked for peas. Then she lined up the peas and started grouping them and placing them on the even numbers (eating all the odd ones). Then we tried the same thing with little pieces of broccoli, carrot, chicken…. It seems to have no end of applications yet.
It’s great that she can now visually see the even versus odd number patterns, and count back and forward in tens. She can now calculate ten minus (eat) four. My daughter is so excited by what she’s learning, and I get the added bonus of adding in anything to her diet so long as it’s in small enough pieces. Genius!!
Thank you for giving me back a child who eats vegetables without a nightly fight.

– Amy Redsage

Amy Redsage

Favourite Plate in the House by far.

We purchased the absolutely beautiful Season’s Plate. Within 5 minutes of receiving it my son was eating his lunch off it as he was very eager to give it a go and it has been used every day since.
It is so bright and vibrant and has made meal times extra fun. It has such a great array of information on the plate that every day we have had a different topic to learn about.
We have even discussed what Season and month each family members birthday is in.
The Plate is a Wonderful size! I do find some children’s plates do not cater to bigger eaters like my son but this is just perfect.
I also love that it is sturdy and can be used in dishwasher and freezer and being BPA free I know my son is safe using it.
All of which is clearly labelled at the bottom of the plate so I can quickly check where it is safe to use it.
I can not wait to purchase more of these beautiful plates.

– Stephen


Fussy eater no more!

I bought the fruits and vegetables alphabets plate for my fussy eating 3 year old. She absolutely loves it! The plate has different fruits and/or vegetables listed for each alphabet and she can now identify all the different fruits & veggies she’s eating. She wants to use the plate for every meal and the mealtimes have actually become fun (and an educational experience too) rather than a chore! The fact that the plate is dishwasher safe is an added bonus too!

– Shreya


My son loves his new plate

I received this plate for my 4 year old boy, it has the world on it with interesting facts around the outside. He was so excited when he opened it and of course wanted to use it straight away. We were able to point out where different family members live and it started a whole conversation. This will help with his learning and understanding of the world. Who would have thought you could learn as you eat :).
This will be a much treasured plate in our family and I can see much use of it over the next few years as he grows older and understands more of the great exciting world around him.

– Denise Sutthoff

Denise Sutthoff

Adding a bit of fun to dinner time

I received this plate for my 2.5 year old Son. We have the shapes plate. As soon as it arrived he was very excited to have a package to open (and I was excited it was something he could have and I didn’t have to take it away from him straight away!). As soon as we opened it he had a huge smile on his face and started pointing to the shapes naming a few and I went through it with him and named some more that he didn’t know.
At dinner time he loved it and it gave us a talking point when he got a bit sick of just eating his food.
It came out well being put in the dishwasher (which is a must in my household!).
I’m really looking forward to checking out some more of these plates. I think the clock, numbers and letters plates will be instant winners with my little boy. I like the idea of going through some times tables at dinner time when he’s older (making the learning fun).
Colourful, resistant to breakage (melamine), educational and bringing learning into everyday life.

– Josie


My kids love, love, love these plates!

We have so much fun placing them across our large dinner table and just dropping pieces of food on different parts of various plates and then each child has a turn talking about the part that their piece of food is on. If Mollie’s carrot falls on a number 7 on a Numbers plate, she then talks to us about the different aspects of her life involving that number (her brother’s age, the number of days in a week, the amount of pencils she used to draw a picture that day etc.) If Brandon’s peas are on China on his Map plate, we then talk about where China is in relation to other places. The plates have helped us create a fun and harmonious learning environment where not only do the children have an opportunity to learn something whilst having fun and games, but also allows us, as parents, to evolve their communication skills, and show them the path to ‘thinking outside the box’… it has been fantastic to allow us to bring educational concepts to our children in a comfortable, no-pressure manner, and made dinner times so much more involved and so much more enjoyable as well! Thank you.

– Tina (Mum of 2, Vic Australia)

Tina (Mum of 2, Vic Australia)

We learn the material, they eat their dinner and the process is an exercise in spending productive, fun time together in an otherwise insanely busy, hectic life. It is a win-win-win!

I have always had a more analytical approach towards my childrens’ education. I have always placed a higher value on gaining core knowledge over the fun involved in learning it; times-tables are there to memorise, shapes are there to know (including the meanings of their Latin prefixes), numbers have their organised structure etc.
With Education on a Plate products, my kids now get to have their fun gaining the knowledge that I expect them to have – and I get the added bonus of managing to get their dinner into them while we are at it!
The products cater to a range of ages as well, so my 6 year old learns her seasons, her times tables or practising to tell the time, while my three year old focuses on her alphabet and my 21-month old has fun with his shapes, and learning the colours on his dinner plate.

…oh and makes an awesome gift idea!

– Anna (Mum of 3) , NSW Australia

Anna (Mum of 3) , NSW Australia

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